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Wuhan TV asks politics to focus on people ’s livelihood and improve artificial intelligence security system

Wuhan TV asks politics to focus on improving people's livelihood

On December 26th, the second scene of the "final examination" of Wuhan TV Administration in 2019. (Photo by Li Xi, full media reporter of Hubei Daily)

Hubei Daily (Reporters Li Yuan and Tang Weiwei) There is no trivial matter in people's livelihood, and the leaves and branches always care about it. On December 26, the theme of the second session of the "Final Examination" of Wuhan TV Administration was "People's Livelihood". The difficulties and pains of a series of questions about urban governance exposed by the short political videos are thought-provoking.

The unlicensed brick factory is close at hand, and the door is opened to dust. With such a harsh living environment, the residents have tolerate it for 9 years. When will such a hard day come to an end?

The video shows that Tumiao Village, Qijiawan Street, Huanghua District, which is closely connected with the villagers' houses, is actually a brick factory covering an area of 35 acres. At a glance, the sand and gravel in the brick factory were not covered, and there was no dust and noise reduction equipment. Political inspectors entered a resident's home and found that the house was covered with ashes.

The person in charge of the brick factory said that after the brick factory was put into operation in 2010, it had not gone to the relevant departments to complete the formalities, and no one had come to inspect for more than 9 years. It was not until recently that villagers complained intensively that no one came to enforce the law. The relevant person in charge of Qijiawan Street City Management Office in Huanghua District said that the brick factory is a simple facility built on a temporary site and "can be banned at any time."

Since it is an unlicensed brick factory, why has there been no one for 9 years? Since it can be banned at any time, why not delay it?

In this regard, the heads of the relevant functional departments in Huanghua District gave separate explanations. The Bureau of Natural Resources Planning said that the brick factory was a problem left over from history, and there was no way to deal with it; the Environmental Protection Bureau said that it had visited the factory several times after receiving a complaint in September this year to reduce the noise and dust of the factory; There will also be administrative penalties.

Yan Zhongning, director of the Wuhan Municipal Bureau of Ecology and Environment, said frankly that brick factories need to suspend operations for unlicensed production immediately. He said that local residents repeatedly complained, but the problem has not been resolved because the relevant functional departments did not pay enough attention to the complaints and ignored the people's needs for a better environment. With the development of cities, some industries have moved to new urban areas, and supervision and enforcement must be extended accordingly. It is suggested that such backward production capacity be replaced by green industries with higher levels of cleaner production and more environmentally friendly, in order to prevent pollution from the source.

Most of the questions exposed in the briefing on the day of politics were mostly trivial matters in the field of people's livelihood.

In this regard, Guo Jing, a guest commentator and current affairs commentator of the China Central Radio and Television Station, said that it is difficult to solve many small matters because of the many departments involved and the coordination is complicated. But this also reminds the leaders from the side that managing small things requires great wisdom. "Paying attention to the details of small things is not fault-finding, because there are major urban things behind every small thing."

Artificial intelligence security system is set up, and 24-hour government service is discounted——

If the heart is not warm enough, the machine will be cold

Hubei Daily Full Media Reporter Li Yuan Tang Weiwei

The artificial intelligence security system with a investment of one million yuan was “struck” and became a decoration after welcoming the inspections of the leaders. The machine that promised to provide 24 hours of uninterrupted government service was placed in the work area and enjoyed the treatment of “nine to five”. Management I asked three questions.

Asking the political scene, the commenter bluntly said: "It seems that there is a problem with the machine, but there is a problem with the person."

Face recognition access control, the leader stopped after checking

In November 2018, Hanlin Ziyuan Community in Jiang'an District was upgraded to a smart community after installing a face recognition access control. Residents were happy to bring their ID cards to collect data and removed the previous contact access control.

But the good times didn't last long. The intelligent access control system stopped after two weeks of inspection by the leaders. The front-end identification system screen displays "Please contact the administrator", and the background monitoring screen in the police room is completely black.

Residents' complaints have not been effectively responded, and football was played back and forth between the police station and the property. Asked the cause of the system failure, the answer given by the community police was "the manufacturer said the equipment was sun-damaged."

In response, Xia Jun, deputy director of Wuhan Public Security Bureau, responded that the reason that the system was not maintained was related to the construction model. He said that in 2018, smart security construction has not been included in the government's fiscal budget, enterprises self-injected expenses to brand, and later unwilling to invest in maintenance costs. In the future, rehearsals will be conducted to include similar situations in government maintenance.

Commenter Wang Jian, current affairs commentator of CCTV, interrupted his speech by ringing the bell. Wang Jian believes that although it is the enterprise that has made a half-lazy project, the responsibility is not entirely with the enterprise. As the competent authority, the relationship between the government, enterprises and residents should be straightened out. It is necessary to set rules for enterprises and urge them to do follow-up services. This is the obligation of government departments and the responsibilities of residents.

24/7 service, why is it shrinking to "9 to 5"

In recent years, Wuhan has launched a number of self-service government service machines aimed at providing citizens with round-the-clock service.

However, the political affairs video showed that in a few days, inspectors visited some streets and communities in the four districts of Wuhan and found that many self-service government service machines were installed in the work area, and they were not open to the public during non-working hours.

Working hours have shrunk to "nine to five," and without asking, some self-service government service server managers have been asking questions and not knowing.

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