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What happens when the Boston Robot meets Thinker AI? Xinjiang's first artificial intelligence LED eye protection product goes offline

Recently, Hangzhou, China ’s Hangzhou artificial intelligence technology company, Zhejiang Thinker Technology Co., Ltd. officially released: The second-generation “AI interactive service intelligence brain” developed with the most advanced biological neuron network technology was officially applied to the market, and more than 50 enterprise industries The upgrade effect of artificial intelligence is significant. The "AI Interactive Service Intelligence Brain" has preliminary human thinking-"control instruction machine learning, quasi-humanized self-judgment to give results, instant business services, real-time data statistical analysis, automatic error correction, and other services ". It can provide enterprises and functional units with various types of work including consulting, investment invitation, reception, assignment of work tasks, supervision of work progress, and business customer service. And the AI network neuron technology has been deployed and applied "Artificial intelligence to direct artificial intelligence work" "Artificial intelligence to assign tasks to artificial intelligence" "Artificial intelligence supervision and acceptance of artificial intelligence work results" "Artificial intelligence supervision of artificial work progress" etc. (below (Referred to as "thinking brain").

The popularization of artificial intelligence has arrived. When the service is improved and the income is increased, the editor has to ask: "How to control and prevent the popularization of artificial intelligence?"

The CEO of Thinker Technology, CEO Xie: "AI Interactive Service Intelligent Brain" applies AI neural network engineering control technology in security management and control, and performs multiple security management and protection. "Customer data side, intelligent program application side, Internet side, communication side After the separation, artificial intervention can be forced, "and at the same time, the artificial node control of neurons is performed in each" AI interactive brain ", which realizes the work of controlling and controlling artificial intelligence safely, and also realizes each artificial intelligence. Intellectual brain can be authorized to operate independently under special circumstances. As shown in the figure below:

AI neuron technology security control-service intellectual brain infinite architecture diagram

What happens when the Boston Robot meets Thinker AI? Xinjiang's first artificial intelligence LED eye protection product goes offline

While admiring the artificial intelligence technology of Zhejiang Thinker Technology. Let's take a look at the world-famous "Boston robot"

What happens when the Boston Robot meets Thinker AI? Xinjiang's first artificial intelligence LED eye protection product goes offline

When we see the reinforced iron bone "Boston robot" without a head running, carrying things, or even jumping in a volley 360 degrees, it is conjectured that when the thinker technology "thinking brain + Boston robot", the reinforced iron bone will think for itself It is no longer utopian. If the application is good, complicated and repetitive work, dangerous work, and even Mars construction can be done by robots with thinking ability and judgment ability, the development of society will form a leapfrog.

The development of artificial intelligence will not be far away, but security control is bound to be the top priority of various artificial intelligence research and development institutions.

What happens when the Boston Robot meets Thinker AI? Xinjiang's first artificial intelligence LED eye protection product goes offline

On December 26, the "Amethyst Light" smart eye protection product jointly created by Xinjiang Amethyst Optoelectronics, Shenzhen University of Science and Technology Xunfei, and Anhui Taoyun Technology was rolled off the industrial zone in the North District of Urumqi High-tech Zone (New Urban District). Open a new era of high-end manufacturing and artificial intelligence technology innovation in Xinjiang's sapphire new material industry.

On the same day, Xinjiang Zijing Optoelectronic Technology Co., Ltd. and Shenzhen University of Science and Technology Xunfei Technology Co., Ltd. also signed a cooperation agreement. Relying on the advantages of Zijing Optoelectronics' core technology of LED light-emitting diodes, combined with the advantages of HKUST Xunfei's intelligent voice interaction technology, the establishment of Zijing Optoelectronics —— (University of Science and Technology of China) Shenzhen Xunfei Urumqi Artificial Intelligence Health LED R & D workstation, jointly promote the deep integration of high-end manufacturing and artificial intelligence technology in the new materials industry, and open up the entire sapphire industry chain.

Wei Jian, general manager of Xinjiang Amethyst Optoelectronics Technology Co., Ltd. told reporters that the core technology they introduced was the product's eye protection light source, and the color rendering index of the eye protection lamp reached 98%, which is basically close to natural light. Through continuous technological integration and innovation based on the sapphire crystal industry, we will also develop more advanced technology, multilingual series, and more affordable artificial intelligence-health LED products.

Sapphire crystal has broad development prospects and is the most important core material of the microelectronics and optoelectronics industries. It is widely used in many fields such as semiconductors, microelectronics, optoelectronics, information display, optical communications, lasers, precision machinery, and major scientific projects at home and abroad.

Amethyst Optoelectronics, as the only semiconductor-grade sapphire industry chain extension company in Xinjiang, is also the only manufacturing enterprise in Xinjiang that uses sapphire crystals as the core material of LED semiconductor light-emitting diodes.

Huang Haibing, general manager of Shenzhen Xunfei Interactive Electronics Co., Ltd. said: "This cooperation aims to apply Amethyst's sapphire core material technology to the field of artificial intelligence to create high-tech products that people like and practical."

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