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Fintech empowers innovative payment Ping An One Wallet to be awarded 2019 KPMG China's 50 leading fintech companies

On December 23, the "2019 KPMG China's Leading 50 Fintech Companies" list was released in Beijing. As a representative of China's leading payment companies, Ping An One Wallet successfully entered the list with the advantages of innovative payment empowering industries and service merchants. Among the companies selected are Ant Financial, Tencent Financial Technology, and

Fintech empowers innovative paymentsPing An One Wallet awarded 2019 KPMG China's 50 leading fintech companies

KPMG's "Top 50 Leading Fintech Companies in China" list has been launched for four consecutive years, and it is one of the industry's most authoritative and reference international assessments. It is understood that in addition to emphasizing "leading", the current selection of the list also emphasizes "innovation", encouraging Chinese fintech companies and emerging participants to explore breakthroughs in new directions and emerging fields.

The list covers multiple fields such as integrated financial technology, payment services, digital credit, digital banking, insurance technology, and securities capital markets. Payment has always been the frontier of financial technology innovation. At the award ceremony, Li Shimin, KPMG China ’s Asia-Pacific financial management partner, said that Fintech companies need to make reasonable and continuous innovation first, while maintaining continuous attention in responding to user needs. Mobile payment is currently the most successful innovation and application in the field of fintech, but it is also progressing gradually. There are many more pain points in other fields that need to be solved by technology. Similarly, some financial services needs of enterprises also have a lot of room for fintech companies to play.

As the third largest payment institution in China, One Wallet's IT carrying capacity, risk control capabilities, and anti-fraud capabilities have reached industry-leading levels. On the basis of continuously consolidating technology, One Wallet always adheres to technological innovation, deepens the exploration of innovative technologies such as artificial intelligence, improves the operational efficiency of business scenarios and payment security, and makes full use of its own advantages in technology service capabilities. Services such as B-side industry solutions are exported to B-side enterprises such as airlines, finance, e-commerce, and entertainment, providing services to B-side and users in its scenarios, and meeting customers' efficient and secure service needs. This time it was included in the KPMG 50 Fintech list, which is the industry's recognition of One Wallet's exploration and application in the field of FinTech.

Zhu Yinjia, CEO of Ping Anyi Wallet, believes that the biggest value of payment is to help improve production efficiency and realize the digital transformation of the industry. At present, the payment industry has not penetrated into all aspects of the industry except the service of the C-end. Payment institutions are experiencing the transition from a single payment capability to an integrated fintech capability output. Technology will also always drive the development of the payment industry, with challenges and opportunities coexisting in the future. One Wallet will continue to fulfill its original intention, take payment technology innovation as the foundation, strengthen internal strength, and deepen and strengthen industrial payment +.

Fintech empowers innovative paymentsPing An One Wallet awarded 2019 KPMG China's 50 leading fintech companies

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