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Pay-per-player develops financial technology in compliance with regulations, injecting new vitality into the industry

At present, most companies focus on the development of fintech, but from the analysis of their business and operating conditions, most of them just integrate fintech on the surface. In fact, the two still operate separately. That is, many companies still rely on selling technical products, and some companies provide financial services. It is not that these companies do not know the importance of fintech integration, but that they each have their own concerns.

Companies that focus on providing financial services are worried that the development of technology is uncertain. It takes a long time to invest in research and development technology to obtain products, and whether the product is effective also requires actual testing. It is likely that spending money on R & D is meaningless. Technology companies often invest capital costs in technology research and development, without excessive funds to provide financial services. They also worry that the introduction of finance will reduce the actual application capacity of the original technology. In short, how to reduce risks and obtain high returns, is The root cause of these companies' failure to deeply integrate fintech research.

In fact, the original intention of the emergence of fintech was to improve financial efficiency with technology and create a safe environment for finance. Therefore, as an enterprise, what should be considered is how to realize the "fusion and fusion" advantage of fintech, establish a scientific operating system, and develop financial systems that meet the needs of the company's own development and the actual market based on various aspects such as technology research and development, corporate management, and marketing. Technology solutions to better serve our customers.

"Qiao Cang APP", a subsidiary of the well-known domestic fintech company Shanghai Qin Cang Information Technology Co., Ltd., points out: "When developing fintech, enterprises should think about how to use technology to convert capital into capital instead of focusing only on financial capital. Technology Transformed into financial capital, which in turn promotes scientific and technological research and development, this can reflect the value of financial technology integration. "

Payman provides fintech to provide instalment application services for offline "3C consumption" scenarios. This is an embodiment of the bold combination of fintech and also meets the national policy requirements for fintech to serve the real economy. Payman is a new type of productivity generated by technology. It uses technology to meet the multiple needs of financial scenarios and comprehensive services. This is a new financial service model that has injected new vitality into the development of the industry.

Although fintech has certain risks, there is no way out if companies close themselves. Only like paying the bill to bravely face financial technology, and improve the overall efficiency in the development process, so as to serve the country, the society, and the people, can they have an advantage in the fierce market competition!

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