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Shizong Town's Small Incision Issue Addresses Big People's Livelihood Issues, Nantong Network



On the morning of December 5th, the ten general towns of Tongzhou District held a meeting to observe the discussions of the “something to discuss” discussions in Shuangdun Village, members of the CPPCC National Committee, representatives of the town people ’s congress, leaders of the town squatting village, town water conservancy stations and environmental protection office professionals, villagers. Twelve people including cadres and representatives of the masses held consultations and discussions on the "renovation of the water environment of the double pier and eight general rivers". Finally, they reached consensus and suggestions on four aspects: organization and leadership, water body improvement, residents cooperation, and long-term management and protection. They also negotiated and discussed from river dredging and subsequent maintenance. 20 village (neighborhood) party branch secretaries and united front committees of the town visited the scene. Subsequently, after the discussion on the theme of “Strengthening Comprehensive Governance and Protecting the Beautiful Water Environment” in Zhangsha Village, the construction site of the Zhangnan Center Henghe was renovated. The picture shows the construction remediation site on December 18. The town's deputy secretary of the town party committee and the leader of the CPPCC Liaison Group said that each time, every event, the topics are accurate, the deliberative level of the deputies is strong, and the quality of the speeches of the masses is high. This work is currently being carried out throughout the town.

Photo by Ding Yiqian and Xu Congjun

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