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Two Hong Kong women receive 500 Hong Kong dollars to smuggle worth 660,000 diamond rings into the country

Yesterday, two Hong Kong women were tried in the Shenzhen Intermediate Court for smuggling 35 diamond rings worth more than RMB 660,000. The two defendants pleaded guilty in the face of the prosecution's allegations. Bringing a 660,000 diamond ring into the country, they only received a remuneration of 500 yuan.

According to the prosecution's prosecution, on September 23, 2011, the defendant Ye Yunxia accepted the commission of "Huang Sheng" (separately handled) to bring a group of rings to China for a remuneration of HK $ 1,000. Because Ye Yunxia had a previous record of being handled by the customs and was worried about being seized by the customs again, she entrusted the defendant Wang Xuxia to take the goods through customs and promised to pay him 500 yuan in Hong Kong afterwards. On the same day, Wang Xuxia entered through Luohu Port and was spot-checked by the customs. Upon inspection, the customs seized 35 rings of various types in Wang Xuxia's carry-on luggage. The value of the aforesaid goods was RMB 662,000, and the tax payable for the escape was RMB 36,973,700. The prosecution believes that the defendants Wang Xuxia and Ye Yunxia should be held criminally liable for the crime of smuggling common goods and articles.

Trial yesterday

In court yesterday, Wang Xuxia and Ye Yunxia both argued that they were guilty. Interestingly, although this plot of light crimes is related to Ye Yunxia's arrest, the two men's narratives are very different.

Ye Yunxia said that he and Wang Xuxia passed the batch in the same morning. When Wang Xuxia was captured around 9 o'clock, he actually passed the customs, but found that Wang Xuxia was late for the scheduled meeting place, so he called Wang Xuxia and found Wang Xuxia. Always shut down. Ye Yunxia said that he and Wang Xuxia are old friends for more than 20 years. If they leave Wang Xuxia alone, they will not talk about morale, so they will return to the customs and take the initiative to file a case.

For this plot, Wang Xuxia's description is completely the opposite. Wang Xuxia said that that day, she didn't know that there was a diamond ring in the suitcase. After being controlled by the customs, she found that she had violated the criminal law. Wang Xuxia said that in order to perform his crimes, he proactively confessed to the customs that he still has associates, and took the initiative to send a text message to deceive Ye Yunxia to return to the customs, which made Ye Yunxia arrested. In this regard, the prosecutor believes that even if Wang Xuxia's statement is true, it only belongs to the initiative to explain and does not belong to the category of meritorious service.

The case is still pending. (Reporter Wang Na)

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