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Chen Long defaults to Zhang Lingzhi's son to marry a luxury mansion diamond ring to please the woman

On the Internet, in the "New Water Margin", Chen Long, who played Wu Song, fell in love with "The Rock Girl" Zhang Lingzhi, and exposed photos of Chen Long accompanying her woman to the underwear store and to the maternity and infant hospital. Some informed netizens said "Chen Long and Zhang Lingzhi Good things are coming ", and some netizens have expressed doubts. After all, Chen Long's scandals are all beautiful women such as Ma Yizheng, Xiao Qiang, Zhou Haimei, and Xiao Songjia. The reporter repeatedly contacted Chen Long himself, and he revealed the current status of his relationship.

Chased by Zhang Ling because of drama

In 2011, Chen Long and Zhang Lingzhi decorated the male and female No. 1 in the movie "The First Ship Across the River", which also sparked the spark of life. This is a red movie and one of the few films that Chen Long participated in. I don't want Chen Long and Zhang Ling to be in love because of the drama.

Zhang Lingzhi, who graduated from Shanghai Foreign Studies University, was born in a non-science class, but she once picked Liang Haiyan's "Dancer" female number one, and soon the audience remembered her.

Home delivery diamond ring but not yet proposed

Regarding the repeated news that Chen Long and Zhang Lingzhi had hidden marriages on the Internet, Chen Long did not respond positively, saying "if you get married, you have to do something big." According to a reliable source, "The reason Zhang Ling was able to fasten Chen Long within a year was probably because he got on the bus first and bought a ticket, and was pregnant with Chen Long's child." Chen Long has always been afraid of marriage. The question raised as to whether "Fengzi married" Chen Long obscured the past with the phrase "time is up".

However, Chen Long is very generous to this 10-year-old sister. Although the marriage proposal has not yet met Zhang Ling's requirements, the house and diamond ring have been sent in good faith. Even Chen Long's economic power has now been called to Zhang Ling.

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