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Donnie Yen's grand wedding: five carat diamond ring proposal to send two luxury homes

Donnie Yen's magnificent wedding: five carat diamond ring proposal, get two luxury homes

Gazan, Yuanyuan sun sweet

Donnie Yen's magnificent wedding: five carat diamond ring proposal, get two luxury homes

5 carat diamond ring

Donnie Yen's magnificent wedding: five carat diamond ring proposal, get two luxury homes

According to Hong Kong media reports, Cai Zhiming's son Cai Gazan and Zhen Zidan's aunt Wang Yuanyuan got engaged in January, and the two have decided to hold a wedding in November. "Cai Yuan" wedding is very grand and will be held in two days, with 150 seats at the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition. As Gazan is the only son of the Cai family, the wedding venue layout, wedding dresses and banquets all require top-level, at the expense of half a billion Hong Kong dollars to marry a round door.

Five Card Diamond Ring Proposal

Just 27 years old, Gazan and Yuanyuan both studied in foreign countries and shared similar interests. They have been loving each other for two years, and they often travel to other places to swim with their arms. In January of this year, the two announced that they were engaged. The original two had also chosen an engagement period. The "Cai Yuan" wedding was scheduled to be held at the end of November in two days. Due to the large number of friends of the Cai family, Yuan Shi's older sister Wang Shishi and brother-in-law Yan Zidan also have extensive friendships in the entertainment industry and the modeling industry. Therefore, the wedding banquet of the two will use the venue to open up 150 seats. Gazan has also hired a wedding company that had arranged for their sisters, Jia Min and Jia Yi, to prepare for them. The two adopted a low-key attitude towards marriage and were very secretive to the outside world.

Wang Yuanyuan wore a glittering diamond ring the night before and admitted that she was wearing a diamond ring that Cai Gazan had proposed to her. She said, "There are 5 cards. (How is the marriage proposal process?) So romantic and so pleasant, I stay I do n’t know how to respond, I ’m so touched. ”Asked if the wedding would be a big deal, she said:“ Cai Sheng (future father-in-law Cai Zhiming) has a lot of friends and should be stumped. Or next year. "Asked if she would reduce work to prepare for the wedding, she said no, and her boyfriend would not care about her work.

Cai Zhiming sent two luxury homes

Gazan cares about Yuanyuan and knows that Yuanyuan hopes to have an unforgettable romantic wedding. Therefore, every detail of the wedding is the best. The entire wedding will cost half a billion Hong Kong dollars and will be the largest century wedding in Hong Kong this year. It is only 8 months away from the wedding, and the time is urgent, but Yuanyuan has not even chosen a wedding dress yet. Since the two announced their engagement, Yuanyuan has received a lot of brand-name wedding dresses beckoning to her. Yuanyuan hopes to wear two wedding dresses, which are designed by Italian and European brands. A few days ago, she went to Vera Wang Bridal Shop in Central with her elder sister Wang Shishi and her brother-in-law Yan Zidan to look at wedding dresses. Because of too many choices, she is still hesitant. Yuanyuan has always been a good girl in the modeling industry. There are many model friends. It is known that many model friends have recently received "close calls" as sisters. There are more than ten sister groups. They are round and tailor-made for each sister. Make sisters skirts, and try again.

Yuanyuan and Gazan lovers finally became dependents. Shishi praised them as a natural combination: "I have never seen such a pair. They have not only appearance but also many aspects, such as personality, temperament, Thoughts, etc. are perfect! "Shishi said that the two have been dating for two years, plus the time to prepare for the wedding. In fact, the wedding time is just right, not too fast. As for the "toy king" Cai Zhiming who will soon be promoted to father-in-law, it is known that he married his son. In addition to purchasing a first-floor property in Jiutushan, Hong Kong, he also found a building in Tai Po District for his son's wedding. , Quite a big deal. (East)

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