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Taiwan media: South Korean Yu staff member suspected of being stolen to steal speech in advance

According to Taiwan ’s “Central News Agency” report, the Kuomintang ’s Taiwan leader ’s primary election “Policy Vision Presentation” appeared on the evening of the 25th, but it was reported that someone had used the name of Huang Wencai, the chairman of the shipping company, to ask Hu Meiyin, the deputy director of the Kaohsiung Mayor ’s Office, for an announcement Lecture notes for the conference. The Kaohsiung Police received a report on the 26th.

Taiwan media: South Korean Yu staff member suspected of being used for stealing speech in advance

Data Map: Mayor of Korea, Kaohsiung, Taiwan. Photo by Zhang Shuo of China News Agency

South Korea ’s Yu said on the 26th that the issue of information security is serious and questioned “how can hacking into the email (email) of office personnel be a terrible thing”. The Mayor's Office of Kaohsiung has reported the case to the police and has made a transcript. I hope the police can find out.

Kaohsiung mayor's staff security doubts, the city government reported to the Fengshan Police Station in the area early on the 26th. Fengshan Branch Bureau's investigating team leader Guo Jiafeng interviewed and said that he has worked with the Interpol Brigade Scientific and Technological Investigation Team project investigation, including first tracing the source of the IP that sent the email.

For the case's original committee member, Hu Meiyin said that on the morning of the 25th, she received an e-mail with the name "Huang Wencai, Chairman of Kaohsiung Steamship Company," which wrote "Sister Meiyin, the boss just contacted me, please help me look at the vision talk. Please send me a copy of the material, thank you. "

She said that because Huang Wencai was not accustomed to calling her "Sister Meiyin", she was skeptical, and she did not have a speech at hand. Although she immediately wrote back, "Receive it, please send it to you," but notified the Kaohsiung mayor's office at the same time. Director Qiu Yuanbao and Qiu called Huang Wencai to check and found out that Huang did not send this email at all.

The investigation was expanded afterwards, and it was found that Qiu Yuanbao was also pretended to write to his office colleagues with an email account. He also attached a link requesting that the vision supplementary materials be printed out. It was suspected that the link might hide the Trojan horse program and intended to steal important information. The police were investigating deeply. .

In order to strengthen information security, the information room has been sent to the Mayor's Office of Kaohsiung for inspection, which has comprehensively improved the office security level.


Taiwan media: South Korean Yu staff member suspected of being used for stealing speech in advance


Editor-in-chief: Huang Rongliang

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