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Sheyang County Procuratorate fulfills environmental protection public welfare litigation function to escort ecological civilization construction

,充分履行公益诉讼职能,积极为生态文明建设尽责尽力。 In recent years, the Sheyang County Procuratorate has closely focused on the central government's "pollution prevention and control battle" deployment and county committees striving for the goal of "national ecological demonstration counties", fully fulfilling the functions of public interest litigation, and actively doing their utmost for the construction of ecological civilization.

中心工作的有效抓手,近三年来,共办理环保公益诉讼诉前程序案件37件,提起公益诉讼1件。 The court has consciously improved its political standing and used public interest litigation as an effective starting point for service centers. In the past three years, it has handled 37 pre-litigation procedures for environmental public interest litigation and filed one public interest litigation. ”、全省“十大优秀保障民生案例”。 Among them, the case of supervising and fulfilling the duties of polluting the environment of livestock and poultry breeding in Hetang Township, Hede Town, was rated as "typical cases during the pilot period" by the Supreme People's Procuratorate, and "Top Ten Excellent Cases for Protecting People's Livelihood" in the province. 公益诉讼工作,赞扬该院“有思考、有行动、有成效”。 In April last year, superior leaders came to Sheyang to inspect and investigate public interest litigation work, praising the hospital for "thinking, acting and being effective."

》,优化办案机制 ,加强与刑事检察部门、民事检察部门的协作配合,并成立黄海湿地保护法律专家库,为办好湿地公益诉讼案件提供智力支持。 In order to actively implement the new path of "two seas and two greens" and comprehensively strengthen the inspection and protection of the Yellow Sea Wetland Natural Heritage, the hospital took the lead in formulating and promulgating the "Opinions on Strengthening the Protection of the Yellow Sea Wetland Natural Heritage" in the city, optimizing the case handling mechanism and strengthening Cooperate with the criminal procuratorial department and civil procuratorial department, and set up a legal expert bank for the protection of the Yellow Sea wetland to provide intellectual support for the wetland public interest litigation.

监管等部门召开联席会加强协作配合,将监督依法行政与公益诉讼有机结合,先后主动联系县农委、县环保局、县食品药品监督管理局等行政机关30次,研究解决具体问题24个。 At the same time, the hospital has led the public security, environmental protection, market supervision and other departments to hold joint meetings on many occasions to strengthen coordination and cooperation, organically integrate supervision and administration according to law with public interest litigation, and actively contact the county agricultural committee, county environmental protection bureau, and county food and drug supervision and management. Bureau and other administrative organs 30 times, research and solve 24 specific problems.

The academy also explored the establishment of a new "grid + platform" mechanism for collecting public interest litigation clues, focusing on cracking clues to find difficult problems. Promote the construction of the information transfer feedback mechanism between the government "12345" platform and the procuratorial "12309" hotline. 治理网格体系,组织全县网格员进行公益诉讼法律业务知识培训, 力网格资源,将线索收集触角延伸到全县近300个村居和街道办事处 ,让公益诉讼的“千里眼”“顺风耳”遍布鹤乡大地。 Actively integrated into the county's social governance grid system, organized the county grid staff to conduct legal business knowledge training of public interest litigation, and leveraged grid resources to extend clue collection tentacles to nearly 300 village and street offices in the county, allowing public welfare The "Clairvoyance" and "Shunfeng Ear" of the lawsuit are all over the land of Hexiang. Since the beginning of this year, 33 clues for public interest litigation have been collected, 31 pre-litigation procuratorial suggestions have been issued, and 2 criminal public interest litigations have been filed.

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