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Foshan uses "core" to promote high-quality development

Activate the creativity of the private economy and move towards "intelligent manufacturing"

Foshan uses "core" to promote high-quality development

On December 15, the government of Shunde District, Foshan City, Guangdong Province, Hengji (China) Investment Company and Galanz Group jointly signed a contract to build an open source chip base.

With the rise of smart home appliances, high-stability chips are becoming more widely used. There are more than 3,000 home appliance companies in Shunde, and the demand for chips has grown rapidly. In the past, they mostly depended on imports, and the costs were high. This situation forced the transformation of home appliance companies, entered the field of chips, and sought to combine cutting-edge technology and industry. Galanz Group Chairman Liang Zhaoxian said: "The open source chip base is not to promote a single project, but a world-class chip industry chain to create 'Made in China' high-end quality."

Facing the severe situation of the global economy, Shunde has made a leap with "chips" to make the integrated circuit chip industry bigger and stronger, and promote the transformation of traditional home appliances to smart homes.

Shunde, known for its private economy, is full of vitality for development and cannot do without a good business environment. In recent years, Foshan has issued a series of policies to allow private entrepreneurs to eat the "reassurance pill" and secure development. In 2018, the city helped private enterprises reduce their burden by 42.6 billion yuan, and solved 234 land, labor, and power problems for enterprises.

"The" Foshan manufacturing "signboard is a collection of responsibilities and responsibilities of numerous private entrepreneurs." Lu Yi, secretary of the Foshan Municipal Party Committee, said that Foshan "establishes a city based on industry" and that private enterprises contribute over 80% to the city's industrial growth. Entrepreneurs must be reassured to operate, concentrate on starting a business, and develop with ease.

Putting down the burden and boosting confidence, Foshan's private enterprises attacked in both directions-focusing on intelligent manufacturing and optimizing traditional industries; keeping an eye on advanced manufacturing and expanding strategic emerging industries. In 2018, 1,224 industrial enterprises above designated size in Foshan carried out technological transformation and intelligent high-end transformation. New materials, new energy vehicles, robots, and unmanned aerial vehicles have risen strongly, supporting the trillion-scale advanced equipment manufacturing industry on the west bank of the Pearl River to take the lead.

The total number of high-tech enterprises in Foshan this year exceeded 5,000. Major projects such as the Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macao Bridge, the "Snow Dragon" survey ship, and C919 large domestic aircraft all have the help of "Made in Foshan".

At present, Foshan is comprehensively deepening reforms, creating a better development environment, and activating the creativity of the private economy. As a strong economic zone in Foshan, Shunde strives to promote the transformation of village-level industrial parks in the spirit of "sniffing and dancing, day and night, and wind and rain without hindrance". ". (Reporter Liu Taishan Li Gang)

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