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Chongchuan court hears a black case that endangers environmental protection in the Yangtze River Basin, Nantong Network

On the 27th, the Chongchuan District People's Court reported on the development of the special campaign to combat crime and eliminate evil since this year. The reporter learned that fifteen defendants, including Peng Mou, which has received widespread attention from the public, have been heard in court. This is also the first black case involving the protection of environmental resources in the Yangtze River.

The public prosecution agency accused that underworld organizations headed by Peng Mou monopolized the illegal sand mining industry in the B7 floating waters of the Yangtze River within a month, threatened by stopping pumps, smashing machines, and beatings. Xiang Xiang Zai The owners of the sand dredgers who illegally mine sand in this water area charge a "protection fee" and illegally accumulate money of nearly 3 million yuan within six months.

While investigating the defendant's criminal liability, the public prosecution agency filed an incidental civil public interest lawsuit with Peng and other eight defendants for the damage to the ecological environment caused by the defendant's illegal sand mining in the watershed, and requested relevant personnel to compensate for the costs of ecological environment restoration and other costs. And publicly apologize in the media of the nationwide distribution.

After the case was brought to the Chongchuan Court, the president of the court personally acted as presiding judge and assumed it. The hearing of the case aroused public concern, and at the same time deterred and educated illegal sand mining personnel, which is of great significance for maintaining the stability of the Yangtze River, navigation safety and ecological environment. The case is still pending.

It is understood that since the start of the special campaign to fight against evil, the Chongchuan court has made heavy efforts, lowered its hands, and "zero tolerance" for crimes committed by the evil forces, focused on all areas of concern to the people, and strongly targeted the people. The criminal, criminal, and criminal activities involving triads and evils have severely cracked down on the organizers, leaders, and key members of triad-like organizations, and severely punish the criminals of evil forces according to law. As of December 25, the court has accepted a total of 12 criminal and black related cases, and has judged 9 57 defendants. At present, there are 1 criminal and black criminal cases and 2 criminal cases involving criminal forces are still under trial. Reporter Wang Weili

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