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Committed to building a one-stop intelligent service platform for Internet news marketing

New media is a relative concept. It is a new form of media developed by traditional media such as newspapers, radio, and television, including online media, mobile media, and digital television. New media is also a broad concept. It uses digital and network technologies to provide users with information and entertainment services through the Internet, broadband local area networks, wireless communication networks, and satellite channels, as well as computers, mobile phones, and digital televisions. form.

What do we tell the soft text platform can do?

Provide enterprises with "all-round" Internet brand promotion and marketing services! Committed to creating a "one-stop intelligent service platform for Internet news marketing", with a good reputation of "multiple, fast, good, and provincial", it has won unanimous recognition from the market and enterprises.

30,000 mainstream authoritative major portal media, Xiaohongshu, Weibo, WeChat public account and self-media (today's headlines, Tencent News, Baijiahao, Yidian, Sohu, Phoenix, People's Daily, People's Daily, etc.) Direct editing of resources, Wanjia Media helps the company's development and save costs. Within 24 hours, editors receive and submit manuscripts, with high efficiency, high timeliness, high quality, and more high-quality resources in seconds. The resources integrate a large number of high-quality resources that involve women's fashion, life, mothers and infants, financial managers, wealth management, and entrepreneurship management. And other major industries, fully meet the restrictions on the industry when everyone promotes. At the same time, the platform also supports the precise setting of the region, completely helping you to avoid the pain of searching for numbers.

Xuyun tells the platform gathered tens of thousands of high-quality numbers for you to choose!

You can register for a free advertising account at any time. We will have a dedicated person to communicate with you one-on-one, so that you have no worries. Diverse advertising resources are welcome to directly edit or first-hand superior resources to enter the order to make money, without deducting any costs. You can enter the agent management background to apply for an OEM custom platform and provide a data API interface. It has an independent domain name and web page, and independently controls the personalized platform.

You can highlight your company's brand, show your strength to customers, and get orders more easily.

You can develop your own customers, let them submit their own manuscripts online, and the system automatically returns the revenue, saving agents time and effort.

Agencies can also add their own media orders, and their own media will be displayed on top. Advertisers and customers will more easily select the media to place their orders.

Multiple income method: The media end receives a steady stream of customer order revenue; the advertiser revenue that it expands on its own. You do n’t need to know technology to share customers, share media, and have your own startup platform forever (no annual fee).

Just 5 steps to complete the release process:

Register / login to the publishing platform-> recharge posting fees-> submit manuscripts in the background-> select the required media-> confirm the media order-> wait for the platform review feedback release link

Agency process:

Contact our customer service QQ: 800131850, Tel: 18520022850 ——> Agent negotiation ——> Agreement on cooperation ——> Amount payment ——> Get permission

The settlement income is guaranteed and there is no withdrawal fee.

Little by little, forging credibility ~

Leading soft text platform (), one-stop convenient service, look forward to your joining!

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Leader Marketing Platform-Committed to Building a One-Stop Intelligent Service Platform for Internet News Marketing

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