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Fujian e-sports event heats up explanations for Taiwanese female students

Fujian e-sports competition heats up Taiwanese female students explain the event (picture)

The Fujian Provincial Fitness Games E-sports League in 2019-Burning Bar · E-sports soul series "Glory of Kings" decided on the 29th. The NVG team (Fuzhou) has become the ultimate king of this "burning? E-sports soul" . Photo by Haixia

China News Network Fuzhou, December 29 (Reporter Lin Chunyin) The 2019 Fujian National Fitness Games E-sports League-Burning Bar · E-sports Soul Series "Glory of the King" decided on the 29th, and the NVG team (Fuzhou) became The final king of this "Burning Bar · E-sports Soul", the HPG team (Fuzhou) and the Spitfire Dragon team (Xiamen) won the second and third place respectively.

After two months of sea elections, twelve elite teams stood out from more than 1,200 players in Fujian province, and gathered in Fuzhou for nearly 10 hours. The specifications of this tournament are not low, and many star players are gathered, including Lin Chijie from ID Chi. Ling Meng, a Taiwanese girl who has extremely high popularity on the live broadcast of cross-strait e-sports, also appeared as the commentator of this tournament.

Ling Meng is currently studying at Fuzhou University. In the game, she is not in a low position. She has already left for the national service Gongsun. The humorous professional commentary added a lot of fun to the finals of the night.

"I can't think of the booming development of the Fujian e-sports industry, which makes me useful." Ling Meng admitted in an interview with the China News Network that before the mainland study, there was an olive branch from the Taiwan professional team. After attending college in Fuzhou, not only many times Invited to be the official commentator of Tencent Games, and also have the opportunity to explain the 2019 Malaysia METP (King of Honor) and North American NACG (North American E-sports League).

"At present, the development of domestic e-sports is facing a talent bottleneck, and the gap between e-sports players and e-sports operators is about millions." Yu Chengren, executive dean of the Fuzhou Software Vocational and Technical College, observes that Fujian now frequently holds e-sports events. Gathering talents in the e-sports industry, universities are also actively exploring the establishment of related majors that combine cross-cultural and professional sports, "with a view to alleviating the urgent need for talents and promoting the overtaking of Fujian's e-sports industry."

This event is a cooperation event of Tencent's official King Glory City Tournament and is co-hosted with Fujian Provincial Radio and Television Group Straits Satellite TV. This event is also the offline promotion of the 2019 Straits Forum · Straits E-sports Invitational Tournament.

The relevant person in charge of the organizer Straits TV stated that due to the long-tail effect of the 2019 Straits Forum · Straits E-sports Invitational Tournament, Fujian's e-sports industry is heating up and Taiwan has become a regional feature.

Fujian e-sports competition heats up Taiwanese female students explain the event (picture)

Ling Meng, a Taiwanese student studying at Fuzhou University, will be the anchor of the tournament. Photo by Haixia

Data show that only the cross-strait invitational e-sports tournament has held 30 online games in Taiwan from June to October, with more than 40,000 participants; 4 offline games, with more than 2,600 participants; in Taiwan Generated more than 2.2 million views.

“The cross-strait youth e-sports interactive platform is taking shape in multiple dimensions.” The official said that the “cross-strait e-sports invitational tournament” is approaching the finals of the two sides of the strait, and a number of events are being held frequently, including the 2019 Crossing of the FireWire Baicheng League in the Fujian Division. Thousands of people competed, and the King Glory City Games covered more than 240,000 offline traffic.

On the night of the competition, in addition to the eye-catching e-sports competition, the organizer also set up an audience interaction zone, an e-sports cultural exhibition, and introduced Fuzhou sugar painting, woodworking tenon-and-stick, oil-paper umbrellas and other traditional crafts with rich Fujian style. The organizers said that they hope to create a new format for the E-sports Carnival, and e-sports young people across the Taiwan Straits will permeate and perceive and inherit Chinese traditional culture.

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