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"5G + VR" helps the sports industry in Nanchang, Jiangxi to stage "VR games"

"5G + VR" boosts sports industry Nanchang, Jiangxi staged "VR Games"

China News Network Jiangxi News December 28 (Reporter Liu Zhankun) On the 28th, a unique VR (virtual reality) sports meeting was held in Nanchang VR Theme Park in Honggutan New District, Nanchang, Jiangxi. The event attracted hundreds of VR sports and competitive enthusiasts to compete in this competition.

On the same day, the first VR Games hosted by the Management Committee of Honggutan New District of Nanchang was held here. Different from traditional sports competitions, the biggest difference of this VR game is that it has added the new technology of "5G + VR", showing the audience the unique charm of 5G technology and virtual reality.

"5G + VR" boosts sports industry Nanchang, Jiangxi staged "VR Games"

The VR Games include four VR sports events including tennis, table tennis, boxing, and rhythm lightsaber. The game system is also tailored for VR sports. Players are between 18 and 35 years old. After the offline election, the promoted players then enter the finals.

A reporter from saw on the day that players wearing VR equipment held VR handles on the court, sometimes turning into professional boxers and experiencing the thrill of real-world combat; sometimes they picked up their rackets and were crowned "Prince of Tennis" ; Sometimes feel the reality in the virtual, experience close to the real table tennis game.

"Although it is a virtual scene, it is very close to reality and very nervous during the game." Liu Yuan, a sophomore from a college in Nanchang, Jiangxi, participated in the VR tennis event that day. He told reporters that he usually likes tennis. VR tennis matches are very real, fresh, interesting and exciting.

"5G + VR" boosts sports industry Nanchang, Jiangxi staged "VR Games"

It is worth mentioning that the addition of 5G technology to VR can make players participating in the game experience better. In particular, the low latency of 5G can improve the image quality through cloud technology, while helping games reduce "network latency". For the contestants, this means that mistakes due to network delays can be avoided during the competition.

Wu Weiqiang, deputy general manager of Honggutan City Investment Group of Nanchang and chairman of Nanchang Virtual Reality Theme Park Company, said that the new technology in VR games has made everyone have a new understanding of "VR sports". The perfect combination of "5G + VR + Sports" will be held to hold the first VR Games, which will promote new breakthroughs in VR technology and the sports industry, laying a solid foundation for the landing of VR industry in Nanchang. (Finish)

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