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Sichuan's ecological and cultural construction work will focus on poor areas in 2020

Photo by Pu Xianglin

Photo by Pu Xianglin

Sichuan Online News (Pu Xianglin reporter Wang Chengdong) On December 29, the reporter learned from the Sichuan Provincial Eco-Culture Helping Poverty Alleviation Campaign to promote poverty alleviation. In 2020, Sichuan's ecological and cultural construction work will focus on poor areas, mainly from ecological Cultural themed activities, work creation, brand building and industrial cultivation.

Specifically, eco-cultural activities such as the Sichuan Flower and Fruit Eco-tourism Festival and the establishment of an ecological civilization education demonstration base will focus on the selection of poor areas and increase their exposure.

The creation of different forms of ecological cultural works such as literature, photography, and characteristic culture will focus on the poor areas and dig deeper into their resource advantages and values. "Next year, we will publish two picture albums. The first is the result of the" Finding 88 Unknown Sichuan Forest and Grass Spots "campaign. The second is the" Sichuan Nature Reserve "picture album. Their content will focus on poor areas. Bao Jianhua, deputy director of the Provincial Forestry and Grass Bureau, said.

In terms of branding of ecological culture, poverty-stricken areas will also receive special attention. Focusing on building Sichuan forest and grass brands such as giant pandas, forests, wetlands, grasslands, and flowers, Sichuan will enhance public opinion, social awareness, and reputation in poor areas through a series of activities and reports.

The ecological cultural industry will accelerate the introduction into poor areas. Bao Jianhua said that more and more urban people are eager to return to nature. Many natural reserves, scenic spots, wetland parks, forest parks and other natural areas in Sichuan are becoming the base for the development of the natural experience education industry. Tangjiahe Nature Reserve Rich experience has also been accumulated in this regard. "In the future, we will vigorously develop the ecological cultural industry represented by the natural experience education industry in poor areas," said Bao Jianhua.

At the scene, the Sichuan Ecological Culture Promotion Association also signed an ecological and cultural pairing assistance agreement with Dasi Village, Wenchuan County.

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