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Tianjin perfects match system to promote football youth training

Xinhuanet, Tianjin, December 29 (Reporter: Zhang Zewei) The 2019 Tianjin Youth Football Futsal Classic, sponsored by the Tianjin Football Association and the Tianjin Campus Football Office, ended at Tianjin University of Technology on the 29th. The Tianjin Youth Football Series ended successfully.

Although the weather is cold, the enthusiasm of the young players is not diminished. The 2019 Tianjin Youth Football Indoor Futsal Classic attracted 227 teams and 1961 members from youth training bases, social youth training institutions and schools in Tianjin to participate in 225 games in 17 groups over 8 match days , And finally decided the winners of all ages.

Constructing a perfect match system is an important starting point for Tianjin Football Association to promote the youth training of football. In addition to the indoor futsal elite competition, the Tianjin Youth Football Championship organized by the Tianjin Football Association also includes the Tianjin Youth Football Championship, the Tianjin Youth Football League, the "FA Cup" Tianjin Youth Football Championship, and the Tianjin Youth Futsal Football tournament. These five events run throughout the year and cover young players of all ages.

According to statistics from the Tianjin Football Association, in 2019, Tianjin held a total of 1,547 youth football matches at the municipal level, with 932 participating teams and up to 10,611 participants. The rich competitions set up a platform for competition, display, and communication for young players, and some youth training teams stood out. In the 2019 Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei Youth Men's Futsal Team, the Tianjin U12 team won the championship, and the Tianjin U9 team won the "Elite Cup" Youth Football Championship of the China Football Development Foundation.

Chong Yong, vice chairman and secretary general of the Tianjin Football Association, said that in 2020, we will continue to do a good job of youth football, formulate new tournament plans in the tournament organization, build a diversified tournament system, and make the football youth training strength in all aspects of the city clear and mutual. Promote the level of youth football.

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