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Chinese football is dying to death: new coach and new deal are still in the mist

Original title: Chinese football is dying to death: new coaches, newcomers, new policies are still watching the fog

One left arrow, one right arrow. Near the end of the year, the "2017-2019 body" suddenly burst into flames in the circle of friends, and many people showed the contrast between the two years ago and the present, lamenting the vicissitudes of time.

In 2017, Lippi failed to lead the Chinese men's football team to perform a miracle. He stopped in the preliminaries of the top 12 rounds. After two unbeaten rounds in the 2019 top 40, Lippi announced his resignation and left again, leaving a place for feathers.

Nicolas Jenaris, who was also a Champions League player in 2017, became Li Ke, the No. 13 player of the Chinese National Football Team in 2019. 2017 was an important node of the Chinese Super League. Du Zhaocai was transferred to be the secretary of the Party Committee of the Chinese Football Association. The new leader, the State General Administration of Sport, has launched the three foreign aid policy and the U23 compulsory policy. In the last few days of 2019, the new policy of the Chinese Football Association came out after the new leader took office-6 foreign aid registered up to 4 people; foreign players with a maximum salary of 3 million euros after tax, and domestic players with a maximum salary of 10 million yuan before tax. The international player will rise by 20%. The annual salary of U21 players before the professional contract does not exceed 300,000 yuan. Each club must complete the "neutralization of the name" before the 2021 season ...

New coach, newcomer, New Deal, but Chinese football is still in the fog.

National Football from Turbulence to Turbulence

In May 2019, Lippi was called back to coach the national football team, and the first naturalized player Li Ke also became a focal point at that time. Before the start of the world preliminaries, the naturalization of Exxon, the first non-blooded naturalized player, was completed. It can be said that it is well prepared for the 2022 World Cup.

However, in the two key world preliminaries in October and November, the national football team tied the Philippines and lost to Syria, respectively. The situation of the qualifying is no longer optimistic. With Lippi resigning for the second time in a year, the national football team's year-end ranking has returned to 76th in the world, the lowest ranking (tie) in nearly 27 months, and still ranks 9th in Asia. It seems that everything is back to the origin.

What's funny is that when Chinese football is desperate, it will always give people hope. At present, the national football team with 7 points and 11 goal difference wins ranks fourth in the group of eight teams in the top 40. In addition, Qatar, the host of the Group A group, will not participate in the top 12. It means that the second group with the fifth best performance is also expected to advance, which seems to make the situation of the National Football team qualifying.

This week, Li Xiaopeng, Li Tie and Wang Baoshan will go to the Football Association to compete for the national football coach. Although seeing hope, there are still risks in qualifying, and the national football team still needs to be cautious.

"Naturalization" has not brought about qualitative changes

In January 2019, after Lippi's resignation for the first time, the Chinese Football Association accelerated the pace of naturalizing foreign players. Yanneris and Elkson, two foreigners separated by thousands of miles, have created the history of Chinese football.

On May 30, in the first national team list after Lippi's return, Li Ke of Beijing Guoan became the first naturalized player to be selected for the Chinese men's football team. On June 7, in the friendly match between the National Football Team and the Philippines, Li Ke Staged the first national team show.

On the morning of August 21, the Chinese Football Association officially announced that the naturalized player Exxon was selected for the national football list. The first non-Chinese naturalized player in the history of Chinese men's football was born. In the early morning of September 11, Exxon was at the 5-0 away game of the National Football Team. The victory over the Maldives was staged for the first time and scored twice.

In the 5: 0, 7: 0 victory over the Maldives and Guam, Wu Lei, Exxon and Yang Xu scored a total of 10 goals. This crazy state even made the fans have the illusion, that is the national football forward. After getting Exxon, qualitative changes have taken place.

However, the two "strong teams" Philippines and Syria, who faced the top 40 in the match, played 0: 0 and 1: 2. Exxon, who had high hopes, was just like a dreamwalker on the field.

The former Brazilian foreign aid Elkson, and now the Chinese international Exxon, got the evaluation: the speed of integration into the national football is very fast, and now the technical actions and capabilities are on a level with the national football.

To some extent, the performances of Exxon and Li Ke in the top 40 have already given the national football team a question mark whether they will continue to recruit naturalized players such as Glat, Fernando, Alan and Aloisio.

New Football Association falters in tangle

With the convening of the Football Congress in August 2019, the 63-year-old party secretary and chairman of the Shanghai Port Group Chen Yuyuan became the new chairman of the Chinese Football Association and the first full-time chairman.

Since serving as the leader of the preparatory team for the re-election of the Chinese Football Association in May this year, Chen Yunyuan has begun to conduct in-depth investigations at all levels of Chinese football, holding seminars, from men's to women's football, from the business backbones at all levels within the Football Association to various professional clubs, The experts of the altar are famous, to the old leaders of the Chinese Football Association and other people from all walks of life.

Until December 25 this year, the Football Association's New Deal was long overdue, which seriously affected the preparation work of the clubs, and Shanghai Shanggang, which will play the AFC Champions League qualifying match on January 28, was the first. What's swaying with the late new rules is that the long-awaited professional league has not yet landed.

At the beginning of his tenure, when Chen Yuyuan was interviewed by CCTV, he used the analogy of homophony. The Football Association is foot shoes, and the feet must be comfortable. Nowadays, although the outside world still has expectations for the new chairman of the Football Association, in 2020 Chinese football may still drag its sick legs and start from faltering.

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