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Beijing men's basketball team forced to retire in advance


Jeremy Lin (right) is taking a break for a while. Profile picture

According to a Xinhua News Agency report on December 29th, Beijing Shougang Men's Basketball team announced on the 29th that due to a large-scale injury inside the team, the team will urgently activate foreign aid Justin Hamilton, and was forced to retire in advance.

It is understood that Lin Shuhao is expected to return around the Spring Festival next year. Jeremy Lin's All-Star trip will not be affected by the rotation. He will still normally participate in the CBA All-Star Weekend in Guangzhou from January 11th to 12th, 2020.

Since the last few games, Beijing Shougang's internal rotation lineup has suffered from injuries. Changlin and Tarek have been injured and have not recovered. In addition, Zhu Yanxi was also accidentally injured. At present, Beijing Shougang faces the situation where only young teenagers are left in the local interior.

In response to this, Beijing Shougang started emergency adjustments, returned to Hamilton, a large foreign aid, and played with Youdu. According to the rotation plan jointly developed by the club and three foreign aids before the start of the season, Jeremy Lin would have had a full rest in January, but due to the team's sudden injury, Jeremy Lin's rotation plan was advanced.

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