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Carrasco becomes the first foreign player in the Chinese Super League

On December 27, Beijing time, the data website German transfer market updated the value of the Chinese Super League players. After the update, Carrasco (above), the first foreign aid of the Chinese Super League, was 28 million euros; Shanghai Oscar player Oscar ranked second with 24 million euros, and Evergrande player Paulinho ranked third with 23 million euros. Shanghai Port player Anutovic and Evergrande player Taliska tied for fourth with 20 million euros. The sixth to tenth places are: Suning Teixeira (17 million euros), Seventh Shenhua Salavi (16 million euros), Eighth Nations Amba Kambu (15 million euros), and Ninth Runenged Sri Lanka (11 million euros), the 11th party Longdong (10 million euros). Profile picture

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