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The Football Association will issue detailed rules to strictly determine the qualification of the international team

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The motion on the professional league players' salary limitation and the international salary standard to rise appropriately was thrown out at the summary meeting of the Chinese Super League and Chinese League A held in Shanghai at the end of last year. As the Chinese Football Association convened 16 club members or their representatives to come to Beijing for a meeting on December 25 this year, the move was confirmed to become a rule that every club and player in the 2020 season must strictly abide by. In fact, all sectors have generally expressed affirmative and welcoming attitudes on the league players' salary limit. After all, the domestic professional leagues squeezed by the bubble have shown signs of crisis. The governance of the Chinese Football Association has at least positive significance in guiding the rational consumption of the league and reducing the burden on investors, thereby encouraging the clubs' sustainable investment and development.

The rules show that the international salary standard is 20% higher than the benchmark. If the international team's contribution to the national football, the role model for the league and youth football, the original purpose of the rules is beyond reproach. But what I have to say is that the Chinese football team is still at a low level overall at the competitive level. The reason why the Chinese Football Association's salary limit is not directly related to the high salary of the league and the bleak record of the national team. So in this case, after the international salary standards are confirmed to be improved, the identification of such international qualifications requires strict control by the industry management department. As mentioned by industry insiders, if the international team finds that this level of control is not strict, then all kinds of "international" fish and dragons mixed with "income" treatment are actually unfair to those elite players of the national team with real character and skill. The "proliferation of international players" may also lead to outside doubts about whether the selection of international players will trigger power rent-seeking.

From the current situation, after the introduction of the new coach of the National Football Team, the Chinese Football Association has issued a series of rules and plans around the construction of the national team based on the results of a series of special meetings or communications. As for the selection of the national team, the association will also follow the relevant provisions of Article 32 of the "Foot Reform Program", "adhere to the current situation, focus on continuity, adhere to the same emphasis on technology and style, adhere to openness, equality, competition, and give priority to selection for the country. Excellent players with strong desires and top quality will enter the national team. "From this perspective, the players who can enjoy the salary standards must be pacesetters who meet the above requirements.

As for the recognized technical standards of such international players, the Chinese Football Association has also started careful investigations. The currently feasible way may refer to the relevant standards of international football. For example, one of the internationally recognized international football standards is: "Every player who has participated in the official intercontinental competition on behalf of the national team of the member association to which he belongs can be identified as a national football team." Although the Chinese Football Association has not yet confirmed the final announcement of the results, it can To be sure, not all players who have been selected into the national training team roster in recent years or who have made occasional appearances in series warm-ups and friendly matches can be considered "international".

In addition to strict "national qualification qualification", the Chinese Football Association, the national team coaching team and the management team will also carry out technical skills, will quality and "good faith" for the national team during the next preparation and competition. Discern carefully. If a player who enters the scope of the international team is suspected of "fraud" or other evasion when the national team needs them, then the national team will not accept such a player.

The Chinese Football Association is likely to announce the new national football coaches in the New Year, and the relevant rules and regulations are also expected to be released in early January next year. In addition, as to which U21 players can be exempted from the "restriction order", the Chinese Football Association will soon launch specific identification standards.

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