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What is the "chemical reaction" between the IP of a Super Event and Football City

Qingdao News Network December 29 (Reporter: Sun Zhongxiao) The 18th Asian Cup will be held in China from June to July 2023. This event is the highest level and most influential sports event in Asia. A total of 24 countries participated in this session. The game, held 51 games. Yesterday morning, the Chinese Football Association officially announced that Qingdao will be one of the 10 host cities for the 2023 Asian Cup. The other nine are Beijing, Tianjin, Shanghai, Chongqing, Chengdu, Xi'an, Dalian, Xiamen and Suzhou.

The effect of hosting such an important intercontinental competition on Qingdao is obvious. Taking advantage of strength and strength, the hosting of the Asian Cup not only can tap the development potential of the city and promote the comprehensive transformation of the city, the huge economic benefits brought by it have also further opened up the city's "economic context", and the Asian Cup "Hand in hand" will certainly bring new development opportunities to Qingdao.

一场超级赛事IP的背后 会与足球城产生怎样的“化学反应”

Sports stage to sing economic drama

In recent years, sports has become an emerging industrial structure in China. The General Office of the State Council has issued the "Outline for the Construction of a Powerful Country in Sports", which for the first time proposes to promote the sports industry to become a pillar industry of the national economy at the national policy level. China Football Association also pointed out that the hosting of the Asian Cup will help promote the implementation of the "General Plan for the Reform and Development of Chinese Football", accelerate the popularization and improvement of China's football, and also help promote economic and social development and urban construction. The use of sports to set the stage and sing economic dramas has become the consensus of cities in Asia.

The Asian Cup fell to Qingdao, and the city's passion was once again bloomed by football. This is both the Qingdao football event and the city capital's carnival. Among them, it provides spectators with full-fledged match services to meet the consumer demand for match watching. core. From food and lodging to tourism and entertainment, and then to extend the sales of souvenirs and sports tourism routes, it will greatly drive the tourism, catering, transportation and other industrial chains in Qingdao, and also profoundly affect the upward development of other areas.

Qingdao has a young consumer group and more potential for sports growth. How to combine sports events with urban development to create a new type of growth point for economic development? Perhaps the hosting of the Asian Cup will provide a precise "assist" for Qingdao's "night economy". In July of this year, the Qingdao Municipal Government issued the "Implementation Opinions on Promoting Nighttime Economic Development", which proposed to create a five-in-one nighttime economic model, requiring the introduction of nighttime cultural and sports activities, and delayed operation of public places. The competitive charm of the Asian Cup has fueled the development of the "night economy". It is conceivable that the cheers on the streets will fluctuate with each other. Watching football, beer, and clams will become a lot of consumption. Check in night lifestyle.

一场超级赛事IP的背后 会与足球城产生怎样的“化学反应”

Light up the city vitality new business card

However, the Asian Cup has brought more than just an economic account to the fashion city of Qingdao. Taking the military games as an example, Wuhan uses the military games as an opportunity to promote urban construction and develop urban civilization, so that Wuhan has both “face” and “little”, and the city ’s image has been significantly improved and the city has achieved full dividends.

Just like the military games, sports are increasingly affecting the image of a city, and the reputation of a city is enhanced by doing business with competitions and promoting cities with competitions. As the very high event IP, hundreds of thousands of tourists flocked in, and the attention and participation were huge. From the living environment and travel mode to venue design and viewing experience, it will be directly presented to the audience. In front of them, what they have seen, heard and seen is undoubtedly the most intuitive experience of the city's brand culture. The city's development promotes the quality of the event, and then feeds back the city's development with the quality of the event. The Asian Cup, which acts as a catalyst, adds new kinetic energy to stimulate the vitality of the city. Convenient transportation, high-end venues, and comprehensive public services will showcase the Qingdao brand culture Soft power.

As an open, modern, dynamic, and fashionable international metropolis and the country's "Football City", "Home of Track and Field" and "Sailing City", Qingdao has successfully hosted the World Leisure Sports Conference, the CBA All-Star Weekend, and the World this year. High-level sports events such as the Judo Masters. As a result, he has built an excellent ability to run matches and accumulated rich experience in running matches. Qingdao is fully capable of running the 2023 Asian Cup and further enriching the connotation and extension of the "City of Football".

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