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Chinese teacher acts as a football teacher and brings out half a school team

Chinese teacher acts as a football teacher and brings out half a school team

Text / picture Peninsula reporter Ge Mengjie

Blue sky and white clouds, green grass, a group of children sweating on the football field. On the side of the football field, there is often a teacher watching the game, not only giving guidance to the children but also supervising their safety. She is Yuan Yalin, known as the "Childlike Old Class", a class teacher in Chengyang Experimental Primary School.

Yuan Yalin is 44 years old. After graduating from college in 1994, he came to work in Chengyang Experimental Primary School. In these 25 years, she has been working as a class teacher for 24 years, but she has n’t had many sessions. Sometimes the students who took over from the first grade are six years old and spend the whole elementary time with the children. "Be a sunshine messenger, find the shining point of each child, encourage and guide the child, and make the child step on the road to excellence." This is the education motto she follows.

"Our football is taught by a Chinese teacher"

In the first few years, when she was the class teacher, Yuan Yalin was only concerned about how to improve the children's performance, but she has not paid much attention to the students' physical fitness. There was a flu outbreak in one year. In order to make the students better able to resist the flu, Yuan Yalin began to run with the children in the morning. After running for two months, she noticed that the children's physique had improved significantly, their spirits became more vigorous and their studies were more focused.

Yuan Yalin, who didn't want to stop at running simply, began to pay attention to the development of students' specialty sports. Among the students Yuan Yalin once took was a child named Che Guancheng who was not tall and thin, but liked playing football very much. Yuan Yalin often encouraged him to step out of the classroom and develop his own football skills. Che Guancheng also lived up to expectations. As the main force of the school team, he repeatedly won the "Mayor's Cup" and "Mayor's Cup" championships, and participated in the provincial league on behalf of Qingdao. Football played well, and Che Guancheng's academic performance did not drop, he has always been among the best. "Learning and sports can be performed in parallel. Football can train children's team awareness and collaboration ability, and at the same time can enhance children's concentration, so that they will not be distracted while studying, and the learning effect is very good."

With a successful example, Yuan Yalin began to consciously take the lead in organizing training for students who like sports in the class, and personally participated in it. Once, there were 8 members of the school football team, 4 of whom came from her class. "Our football is taught by a Chinese teacher." The students' ridicule revealed their pride. In addition, there are 3 school-level basketball teams, 2 taekwondo teams, and 5 aerobics teams ... A batch of excellent students in the class have become the main force of various sports teams in the school.

"Childlike old class" for teachers, mothers and friends

Her class is usually six years old. She is both a teacher and a friend of the children, and more like a "mother" of the children.

In the summer of 2008, Yuan Yalin drove out of the car to work on a rainy day and the road was slippery. She collided with a truck while turning. Although she didn't hurt her muscles and bones, she was frightened and caused nervous tinnitus. It happened to be the end of the summer vacation, and she was about to start school. She was still hospitalized and decided to return to school to work. After class every day, I went to the hospital for hyperbaric oxygen treatment. Because of the slow treatment, she often had dizziness and tinnitus. When she was uncomfortable in class, she took a short rest in the chair and then continued to work. "If I ask for leave, what about these 50 children? Graduating soon, I can't let them go wrong at this time. I don't do anything else, just for the conscience of a teacher." Now recalling, plain In the words, she expressed her responsibility and hope for each child.

Yuan Yalin is also very concerned about the students who have graduated. He often asks them about their current situation and answers their questions about their life and academic path. Now every year, students who have graduated before are organized to visit her together. She likes to get graduates back to school to communicate with students, encourage endeavor, and transfer positive energy. "The power of role models is endless. Tell the students about the graduate experience, including sports, and they all yearn for it."

In these years, Yuan Yalin has won many honorary titles such as "Excellent Teacher" and "City Young Teacher Professional Talent", and her class has been rated as "Civilized Class" successively. Yuan Yalin often said: "People live a busy life, only when facing children, do they realize the meaning of life."

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